Wedding FAQs

A question and answer session with your personal wedding coordinator, Ann.

What can Rocky’s offer that other resorts can’t?

Privacy! We have a beautiful, private cove for your perfect wedding celebration. The area on the beach where we hold the weddings is very intimate and well shaded in the afternoon.

Dedication! Our team is dedicated in what we do. It is our goal to provide a standard wedding but it is our passion to create a wedding experience for your guests and especially for You!

Our own personal touch! Most of all, we pride ourselves in providing great service to all our guests and to all events we organise. Rocky’s team have been inspired and taught that our guests are not just guests, they are family!

As we always say, when you’re at Rocky’s, you’re family!

How many weddings per day do you do?

We only ever do one wedding per day.

How do I secure my wedding date?

A non refundable B20,000 deposit is required to secure your wedding date. We cannot confirm any reservation without a deposit.

Is there an option for bride & groom to get ready separately?

Yes! If some of the wedding guests are staying at the resort, such as the best man or family, then the groom will usually ‘borrow’ one of these rooms to get ready in. The bride will get ready in the room that they booked. Another option, especially if the bride and groom would like to follow ‘traditional’ wedding procedures, is to book a separate room to stay the night before the ‘big day’, keeping this room until the ceremony begins.

Does the wedding have to be legal?

No it does not. Thai law states that a wedding ceremony is permitted regardless of actual marital status. Some couple choose to perform the ‘legal’ part of the wedding in their home countries and then celebrate the symbolic ceremony here with us. What we can do is provide a replica of the Thai marriage certificate for you to sign on the wedding day.

Can I choose which flower arrangements I want?

Yes, you can choose flowers in season, including types and variety of colours. We supply the floral decoration at the ceremony venue, including floral arch, bouquet and buttonhole for bride and groom, floral confetti’s and the floral decoration of the bridal room. We will be happy to supply fresh flowers for bride’s hair to adorn.

What happens if it rains?

We have a two options available in the unlikely event of rain. We have a beautiful, private area in our restaurant overlooking the sea where we can set up the ceremony. We also have a private air conditioend banquet room. Both area’s will be beautifully decorated with arch and seasonal flowers of your choice.

Can I get married at your resort even if I don’t stay in Rocky’s?

Yes, however some restrictions apply. Please send us a wedding enquiry for more details.

What is the purpose of the set up cost for the reception dinner and what does it include?

The set-up cost includes tables, chairs, chair covers, sound system, full staffing and service, additional flowers and decorations and private use of the area.

What is included in the wedding ceremony guest surcharge include?

Depending on the package you prefer. This covers sparkling wine/cocktail/non alcoholic refreshsment, canapés, decorations, extra flowers, wedding programs , additional co-ordination & planning, seating and staffing.

How many people can your resort accommodate for the weddings?

Rocky’s can accommodate wedding party of upto 60 attendees.

When is the latest time I can confirm the final number of my wedding guests?

You can update me every 3 months or so on confirmed numbers as you receive them. As long as we know final numbers about 1 month before the big day, then that is fine.

What kind of music do you provide for walking down the aisle?

We usually have the drum parade while the bride is walking from the room, past the garden and the swimming pool. There is a musician who plays the “Khim” (traditional Thai xylophone) while the bride is walking down the aisle. If you have a special song that you would like to play, we can set up a sound system on the beach that can connect to an ipod or CD player.

Do we have a wedding rehearsal?

When you arrive at the resort, the final meeting will be arranged with you and your personal wedding planner to fine tune all the wedding and celebration details. Your wedding planner will take you through a ‘walk through’. Our wedding Celebrant will have a pre-meeting with you to discuss the order of the ceremony (i.e. where the groom, best man, bridesmaids has to stand, if there will be readings or poems from your family etc, etc.)

How many days before the wedding do you recommend we arrive at the resort?

We prefer to have the bride & groom with us about 3 days or more prior to the wedding.

How long does it usually take to process the documentation before we can get married legally?

We need at least 6-8 working days (excluding the day of arrival) prior to the wedding in order for us to arrange the necessary translation, documentation and courier to Samui . Please note that embassies are closed for both Thai and its own national holidays. However, the bride and groom will only require 2 working days in Bangkok to handle the essentials, after which, our legal representatives will handle the rest. You can then come down to Samui to relax and travel some more around Thailand before arriving with us to celebrate your wedding.

Is a religious or non-religious ceremony a legal marriage?

Religious or non-religious ceremonies are symbolic ceremonies and are not legally binding. This symbolic ceremony allows the couple to express their love in their own way, exchange of vows, rings and most importantly, kisses!!!

Why should I choose a wedding theme?

It is necessary to pick a style because it will help you choose your dress, venue and many other aspects.

Most of our wedding guests have children coming with them, do you have a baby sitting service on the wedding day as well as during the reception?

Yes, we offer a baby sitting service. If there are quite a lot of children in the party, what we usually do is to assign a room for the children where they can play games, watch DVD, etc.

How far in advance should I book my wedding and send wedding invitations?

The sooner the better! Ideally, destination weddings are booked 9 to 12 months prior to the wedding celebration date. Save the dates are typically sent straight after booking the wedding venue followed by the sending of the proper invites a few months after. We recommend advising an RSVP date of 3- 4 months after sending the invitations. This allows guests to make necessary travel and accommodation arrangements as well as to arrange time off from work. Please remember also that you need your RSVP’s to get the final head count.

What are the normal arrangements for beverages?

Typically, the bride & groom will set a budget, based on drinks being sold on a-la-carte basis. Charges will be based on actual consumption and menu prices. Our bar staff will advise the bride & groom before the limit is reached. The bride & groom may also choose to limit the choice of drinks, to house wine, beer and soft drinks, for example.

What is the best month to get married?

It is always busy for weddings here especially on the nice tropical island of Koh Samui. May, June and September until November are best months for those who are looking for a cost-effective celebration, as flights, accommodation etc are more affordable. January to April and July, August and December are are also favorite wedding months as the sky is blue and the sun is shinning.

What happens if there is an unavoidable circumstances that I need to cancel my wedding?

The initial deposit is non refundable however, we can credit this to the new date for up to six months after your initially booked wedding date in case you only want to postpone your wedding celebration. The reason being is the fact that we only organise one wedding a day. As soon as you book your date, we will then turn down all other wedding couple who wishes to get married on the same date you chose.

If further deposits (after the initial deposit) have been payed they are refundable based on our wedding cancellation policy, which can be found on our rates page. room rates